Going Back To Basics

Analogous to the clothes you put on each day upon leaving the house, your business sports apparel which sends a message to all who see it.  Businesses are a lot like individuals.  Each must possess its own style which comports with the persona they desire to convey.  For example, a fashion designer in Los Angeles would most likely dress differently than an attorney in Boston.

Similarly, a nightclub promotion business would not have a logo and marketing materials matching those of a funeral home.  When it comes to a business, the clothing which it wears is referred to as its brand.  The message and style a business conveys are done through branding.  A company's brand is as important to it as the clothes on your body are to you.

Branding Is Critical

A company's brand is illustrated through several mediums.  These start with the most basic component which is the corporate logo and slogan.  All facets of the logo are important.  These include the colors selected, the design, and of course the actual words on the slogan.  Your logo is often the first thing potential clients will see.  Arising from this initial work will spring forth your marketing brochures, advertising flyers, and the rest of your marketing arsenal.

How effectively you convey the merits of your product and your corporate mission often dictates the success or failure of your venture.  The colors you use, the design of your products, and the words which you employ to describe your firm are all paramount.  You are playing to human psychology and the power of a first impression.

Inspiring Trust

Brand franchise is a term used to describe the level of trust which is associated with your brand and hence your company.  Consumers will obviously not do business with a firm they do not trust.  The trust you create through your branding and marketing efforts can often prove to be your firm's greatest asset.

Trust is inspired by playing upon many frames resident within the human psyche.  Perceptions of your product's quality, image and status are crucial levers determining how your customers will react.  The first requisite step is to ascertain exactly which type levers will prove effective with your target audience.  Each phase of your branding from business cards to flyer printing is an important part of the equation.

Getting The Word Out

There are myriad avenues both in the interactive and off line worlds to get your message out.  Once created, a brand is worthless unless it reaches your target audience.  From a banner ad to an advertising flyer, the possibilities are endless.  The methodologies employed, as with your message itself, must be tailored to fit your company's image and mission.

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