Are You Using Postcards?

No company should be without a strong postcard marketing approach. This style of marketing is such a proven and effective form of advertisement that any company bypassing it is failing to capitalize on a great approach.

The first great thing about postcard printing is that it can apply to any business. It doesn’t matter what you sell or what industry you’re in, you can still effectively use postcards to market yourself.

The next reason to use it is because of the cheap costs. Few strategies are capable of generating such strong results with such little money spent. The smaller your marketing budget is the better the reason to take a hard look at adding postcard marketing to your list of tactics. As an added bonus, the postage rate for sending postcards is lower than a normal envelope, which adds a nice additional touch to your savings.

Postcards are also one of the easiest kinds of marketing to design. Even flyers require you to fill up an entire page, and something like a brochure will require extensive writing to make it work. Now think about the size of a postcard and you could probably come up with a few ideas right now for what you’d like to put on it. That means you can set up, design, and send out your postcards in a short period of time when compared to other marketing strategies.

You can also use your postcards in relation with other strategies. If you have a website you’d like to direct people to then send out a postcard with the web address prominently displayed. The same is true for upcoming sales or other discounts you want to focus on.

Plus, postcards give you an almost complete guarantee that they’ll be seen. A white envelope doesn’t hide them, and if you have a colorful enough design, they’ll draw the eye in a pile of plain mail most people receive. This makes them work even better with sales promotions because you know people will see your offer in big letters across the front of your postcards.

Be aware too that postcards can be aimed at a very specific audience. You know you’re sending these right into specific people’s homes, so shape your mailing list around one target group, and then gear your postcard printing specifically for them. This way you know that you’ll have a better chance of gaining their interest.

And, best of all, the success rate of postcard marketing can be traced like no other marketing strategy can boast. Because you know exactly how many people you’re sending them out to you can figure out how much sales you’re generating from them.

I could go on for longer about the benefits of postcards, but I have a feeling you can get the point by now. If you haven’t already, I’d take a very hard look at what strategies you’re using, and then look at the benefits of postcards. I think you’ll realize that no matter what company you run, postcard marketing is the way to go.

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